Flossin Media is one of the most sought after multicultural planning agencies in the industry. Our relationships and connections allow us to put on unique and engaging events in venues and retreats all around the Pacific Northwest region and beyond

Media Production

 Wheather you need a shorth film, a magazine, a strong social media presence or a great newsletter,  We will connect you with our team of experts who will  consult and create a  quality finished  product 

Event Planning

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me - Ayn Rand -

Fund Development

Professional Consulting

Digital Distribution

As professional event planners

and coordinators,
we are your logistical event experts.
Our planning teams work

with suppliers, venue operators,

communications companies,
and hospitality providers,
making sure everything is in place

Brand Ambassodor Squad

You have the vision and we can help you make it a reality.  We have a team of successul fundraisers. Our experience includes budget creation, sponsorship development, sales and grant writing

A wise person will learn from the mistakes of others. Connect with our seasoned business professionals for advocacy, resources and referrals that help you avoid pitfalls and improve your chances for maximum success


Flossin works with thousands of music and film artists to market, and upload their independent

projects for the world-wide web download distribution. We cover the most talented and focused

artists in our online blogs and PR distribution newsletters

A concept that has evolved over decades Flossin’s Brand Ambassadors take a

next level urban enthusiast

approach to guerilla marketing. We launch from positions of confidence and swagger.We use powerful promotionaltools working for brands by creating hype through credible peer-to-peer interactions and word-of-mouth influence marketing.