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Flossin Media is a high spirited and creative media production firm based in Portland.

With over 10 years experience in the field, we are powerhouse that is capable of developing and managing Print production, Video production, Epic event production, Brand ambassador outreach squads, online digital distribution management, and Business fund development consulting. This multi-media mix produces what is known as “Surround Sound Marketing.” Based on the premise that each medium, like each speaker in a surround sound stereo system, produces the greatest impact when it works in a coordinated fashion, Surround Sound Marketing, can leverage media so that the effect of combined media is greater than what any one medium can produce.  

Flossin defined is: A reflection of your inner self demonstrated in your outer world. It simply means To Shine.

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Flossin: A reflection of your inner-self demonstrated in your outer world. It simply means to SHINE