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Magazine, Music & Televison Production

Flossin Media  is an integrated marketing and communications company specializing in strategically marketing to and for businesses and consumers in the multicultural marketplace. 
It is a powerhouse that is capable of developing and managing:

-Print Production                                          
-Video Production,
-Epic Event Production,
-Brand Ambassador Outreach Squads,
-Online Digital Distribution Management, &
-Business Fund Development Consulting.

This multimedia mix produces what is known as “Surround Sound Marketing.”  Based on the premise that each medium, like each speaker in a surround sound stereo system, produces the greatest impact when it works in a coordinated fashion, Surround Sound Marketing, can leverage media so that the effect of combined media is greater than what any one medium can produce.  
Flossin defined is: A reflection of your inner self demonstrated in your outer world. It simply means To Shine.
The Flossin Mission: To generate an awakening, spiritual in nature, whose essence is to educate and inspire our readers, viewers and event attendees by highlighting diversified lifestyles of successful people.

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Green Lighting Black Lives Matter Youth Project